Warehousing, Short-Term, Long-Term The storage facilities at Abode Relocation packer and mover are equipped for both short-term and permanent storage. All items are pad-wrapped when loaded into our warehouse either on-site at your loading location or upon arrival to our facility. The extra care that we take in ensuring the safety of your belongings places Abode Relocation packer and mover in Mumbai and surrounding area ahead of traditional self-storage options. Contact Abode Relocation packer and mover to discuss your specific moving & storage needs in Mumbai and for anywhere in India. Let us help you decide your best situation at the best cost.

We offer:

  1. Short-term or long term storage
  2. Inventory management system for contents and condition
  3. Limited liability insurance included – Additional Coverage Available.

All of your items are inventoried for description and condition. We will wrap your furniture and other belongings with cloth pads, shrink wrap and cardboard as required included with our service at no additional cost. Once the vaults are loaded, we deliver them to our warehouse where they will remain until you request delivery. This way your things will only be handled once into the vaults and once out of the vaults – not multiple times in and out of a truck, around a storage locker and into and out of a truck again. When you are ready to have your things delivered, simply give Abode Relocation packer and mover a call and we will be there at the agreed upon date and time.

Contact Us for a FREE Storage Estimate Call us today at 868 999 8800 to discuss your upcoming moving and storage needs in Mumbai. Ask about our current storage specials and discounts!

Mini Storage Warehouse

Renting a small room, container, or unit for smaller items has always been challenging. Abode Relocation offers mini storage unit rentals for short or long-term commitments.

On-Site one-touch handling for Safety

Our proven one-touch handling system greatly reduces the risk of damage or loss and gives you peace of mind that your belongings are safe and secure.

overnight short-term storage

Whether for a night, a week, or a month, Abode Relocation offers overnight and short-term storage solutions when you do not need a long-term commitment as part of your business or personal move.


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